Inner Gardens Art and the Garden
Exterior Furniture
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Inner Gardens is always stocking that special piece of furniture to add to the garden. French bistro tables, Asian stools, Belgian tables, stone benches and modern polished concrete dining tables are always available.
Marble Sundial
 Polished Conrete Table with Curved Base
 Fiber Cement Ecal Stool-Table
 Fiber Cement Hexago Planter
 Fiber Cement Die Bank Bench
Fiber Cement Loop Table and Chair
 Campaign Table with Iron Base
 California Console Table
 Barbara Israel Garden Traditions -  Hawthorne Bench
 Tile Top Bench
Tile Topped Table with Benches
 MULTIPLES by Inner Gardens Hexagonal Garden Table
 MULTIPLES by Inner Gardens Aluminum Console Table
 MULTIPLES by Inner Gardens Curved Bench
 MULTIPLES by Inner Gardens Straight Bench
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